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It is more important than ever for communities to be informed about high blood pressure. High blood pressure is more common in non-Hispanic black adults (56%) than in non-Hispanic white adults (48%), non-Hispanic Asian adults (46%), or Hispanic adults (39%). Most people may not know their ‘pressure is up’. High blood pressure is a silent killer because it has virtually no symptoms. You have to check!

The best way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have it measured at least once per year by a healthcare professional, monitor it at home with a validated monitor as recommended by your health care professional, and discuss the numbers with your healthcare team.

Resources are available!

Read on to learn more about high blood pressure, find a community health center near you, start a conversation with a healthcare professional, and open a dialogue about the benefits of good heart health.

Start with Family-header

Start with Family

First, take a look at your relatives and talk to them about your family history. This sheet breaks down the risks that may run in the family. This sheet breaks down the risks that may run in the family.

Take Control Today

This brief video shows you how to measure your blood pressure at home. This page includes a ton of resources that will give you even more information, starting with what blood pressure is, to why it is important to have a plan.

Talk to Your Healthcare Professional -header

Talk to Your Healthcare Professional

Talk with a healthcare professional to reach your blood pressure goal. If you don’t have a healthcare team and need to find affordable care, a community health center might be an option for you. This tool will help you find the one closest to you.

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